Jul. 5th, 2004

First Post!

Jul. 5th, 2004 04:48 pm
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Yep, here I am finally making a live journal. I guess I can't really promise you'll see many (if any) updates, considering how my other journals have gone. And I'll forewarn you that when there are updates, there may be some rambling, bitching, pity-partying, or other random typing that no one will be much interested in. Feel free to not read those parts. I'm hoping they'll be therapeutic for me, and after a while they'll be fewer and farther between.

That being said, I'll give you a snapshot of my life at the moment. I'm currently undergoing a job change at work. My job used to be bookkeeper/money-changer/computer tech/gopher. It was good and I liked it, but I was wooed away from it by the better schedule my new position has. I'm now counting & ordering merchandise/repricing/serving customers. So far, I'm not liking it as much, but I'm not disliking it either. I'll give it more time and see how it goes.

The new hours I was talking about will hopefully give me more time with Ben. I've only just had my first weekend off, and it went well. So far, that aspect is panning out. We went to see Spiderman 2, eat dinner, and hang with a friend on Saturday, then went to Amtgard on Sunday. I was too tired to go blow stuff up afterward, but I'm told it was great fun. The double edge sword to the job: 5am start time. Cuts down on the late night outings, but gives you afternoons free. Can't really have the best of both worlds and still work full time.

A change in pace will also be good for me. I've been in a rut, and I'm trying to get out. Life's been a 4 on the 10 scale for a while, and I'm sick of it. So's Ben. Time to change it up a bit. In addition to changing the job stuff, I want to change other things too, like start being more spontaneous and open to new ideas/activities. Being a hermit is OK sometimes, but doing it most of the time isn't so good. Hopefully this will all lead me back to doing some of the things I used to absolutely love doing (garbing, making jewelry, Amtgard) and now have little or no motivation for.

My pet project for the next several months: learn more about home buying. Ben and I are going to start house hunting early next year, and I don't want to be clueless. Library trip planned for tomorrow afternoon. :-)


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