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As promised, some before and after photos.

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Next up for me is a vacation with Ben and his parents!  They drove down from Indiana and we'll be flying out to Hawaii on Monday to visit Ben's sister.  I'm so excited!  We get to stay for 10 days.  Woo-hoo!!!

When we get back, I need to clean up my sewing space (currently the only messy place in this house) and get going on a mourning outfit for the DFWCG's Mourning Tea in October.  Right now, I honestly have no idea what I want to make.  I don't think I'll feel up to entering a new era (and the full set of undergarments it would entail) so that means sticking to 18th Century, Regency, 1870-1890, or fantasy.  I'm guess I'm kinda leaning toward 18th century, but we'll see what happens.
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The kitchen-facelift-project-that-never-ends just keeps on rolling.  The walls are fully painted now and I've moved on to the cabinets.  I decided I wanted to dip my toe in the water before I jumped, so I started with a base cabinet that has three drawers and is separated from the other cabinets by the dishwasher.  I did it the 'right' way - I removed the awful wooden handle pulls, sanded the drawer faces smooth with a belt sander (which removed at least two layers of paint in the process), laid down two coats of primer, lightly sanded again, then laid down two coats of paint with a foam roller.  I have some seriously white drawers now!

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