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In looking back over my event photos, it seems that 2014 was a year of new accessories but only one new outfit for me.  I did manage to sew a couple outfits for a friend though, which I'm counting as a win!  Here we go:

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It's about 3 weeks late, but better late than never, right?  Big thanks go out to [ profile] padawansguide, who, by posting hers yesterday, gave me the push I needed to do my own and also made me feel a lot better about procrastinating so long.  ;)

In going through my archived entries for the year, I realized that I was pretty lax about posting my finished garments.  I mentioned a lot of them, then left it hanging for a future post that never happened.  In light of that, some of these pics have longer descriptions with them so you can get at least the basics I would have given in a normal post.  I'm resolving right now to be better about posting stuff this year.  :)

Safari at the Zoo 2013
Safari at the Zoo outfit.  The skirt is Truly Victorian 1901, made with polyester crepe suiting (stash fabric) and wooden buttons from Etsy.  The blouse is Butterick 4049 (out of print) made with a cotton shirting with delicate gold stripes (also stash fabric.)   I made a corset cover to wear under the blouse since the fabric is so sheer, but I have no pics of it and honestly, it needs some tweaking for a better fit.  I bought the pith hat on eBay and trimmed it with faux leather straps.

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This has made me feel a lot better about last year.  I found several things that made me go, "Oh yeah!  I forgot about that..."  I made a pretty decent amount of stuff, and every bit of fabric I used on my own outfits came from the stash.  I even used some stash fabric and trim on outfits for other people!  I definitely want to keep up that trend this year.  Here's some other stuff I want to do this year:

1.  Regency underthings.  I need it all, and I need it by mid-March!
2.  Regency clothes.  That's very vague as I haven't completely decided what I want yet, but I'd like to have two outfits by mid-March.
3.  Regency headgear.  I'm thinking some kind of bonnet, but it's still up in the air.
4.  18th century mitts.
5.  A new bustle outfit with new accessories to match.
6.  A new natural form outfit, the frillier the better.
7.  18th Century jacket.
8.  Something Elizabethan or Tudor.  This is also vague, but I've got some stash fabric crying out to be used.  Then I'll need to find an event for the outfit.  LOL


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