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The Challenge:  Stashbusting

Fabric: (polyester) brocade & linen/cotton blend

Stashed for how long? 3 years for the brocade, a 6 years for the linen/cotton, and 9 or 10 years for the buttons.

Pattern: Laughing Moon #125, View A

Year: 1800-1815, approximately

Notions: fusible interfacing, buttons, thread

How historically accurate is it?  Shape and style are pretty dead-on, materials are utterly modern.

Hours to complete: 8-10, it was all running together that week.

First worn: March 21st, at the symphony with other folks dressed in Regency attire.

Total cost: About $10 total ($7 for brocade remnants, $1 for the linen/cotton blend, $1 in bulk buttons, and $1 in thread and interfacing.)

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Historical Sew Monthly
Challenge #1: Foundations

Corset Front Corset Back

The Challenge: Bustle-era corset

Fabric: Silk exterior, coutil flatlining, cotton lining

Pattern: Laughing Moon #100

Year: 1837-1899, according to the pattern envelope.  It's intended for mid to late 1880's.

Notions: Busk, spiral and flat steel boning, two-piece grommets, round polyester lacing, thread

How historically accurate is it? I'd give it an overall 80%.  I used some modern materials, but the pattern and fabrics are plausible for the Victorian era.

Hours to complete: About 20, which includes a fully boned mockup and fitting.

First worn: January 10th (four days ago) for a costumed visit to an Impressionist art exhibit.

Total cost: Around $75.  Most of this came from the stash, so that's my best guess.

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Yesterday was the guild's 5th annual Georgian Picnic.  I had such a fun time!  The weather was darn near perfect - sunny, dry, and warm.  Well, maybe just a touch too warm, but everyone seemed to take that in stride.  We had a good turnout from our regulars, and some new folks from the Jane Austen society joined us too!  There was a lot of good food, drinks, and conversation.  It was a really great way to spend the afternoon!

I wore my chemise a la reine.  I was pretty short on time so making a new dress was out, and this is only the second time wearing the CalR.  It ended up being a good choice since the day was so warm!  The last time I wore it, my stays kept peeking out around the neckline so I trimmed them down hoping to prevent that this time. was better.  Now they only show through at the sides of the back.  *eyeroll*  I think it's about time to retire these stays anyway, and next time I'll be more mindful of the straps and neckline (not to mention the color!)

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I've got a little downtime before the series finale of Breaking Bad, so I might as well be semi-productive and use some of it to share the coronation robe I made for Shane.

I'll preface this whole thing by saying that this is intended for wearing at LARP events, and therefore is only historically inspired.  Even so, I think it came out well enough that I'll still enter it into the HSF Outerwear challenge.

If my less-than-ideal backdrop doesn't bother you too much, then keep reading!

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I've got a lot of projects going.

One of my friends is getting crowned King of the larp group he plays with, and I'm making a coronation robe for him.  He sent me this as inspiration:
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In non-larp sewing news, I'm planning to enter the next Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge, Re-Make, Re-Use, and Re-Fashion.  I've been haunting my favorite thrift stores lately and I happened across some matelasse (sp?) curtain panels in a light brown color.  New petti time!!!  You may remember I already have one matelasse petticoat, but it's fitted for my panniers.  The new one will be fitted for the false rump I wore to last year's Georgian Picnic.  After all, can a lady ever have too many petticoats?


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