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Thinking back on my early costume exploits, it's clear to me that my biggest challenge (and deficiency) was appropriately styled hair.  I had big ideas, but no clue how to execute them.  At that time, the internet was still a baby and the vast amount of resources available to today's costumers was nothing but a whisper of a dream.  So I stumbled along, doing the best I could with my own hair (which really left a lot to be desired.)  Fast forward a decade and some, and I've got my hands on Kendra's 18th Century Hair and Wig Styling book, not to mention an entire plastic tub of false hair, wigs, and styling accessories.  Oh, how far things have come!

At the party last weekend, I did something that might border on taboo (it's debatable.)  I took off my hat and wig while I was still at the event.  I've got lots of was getting late, I was tired from a full day of fun that was preceded by not enough sleep, and I think all my bobby pins and my hat pin had conspired to shift just enough that they were all poking my scalp.  So...I just took them off!  There's even photographic evidence of my breach of conduct:

A little while before, just for reference:

Luckily I was surrounded by friends who found it all very amusing (or at least tolerable.)  A few new acquaintances were shocked that the whole thing was a wig.  My own hair, which is pretty finely textured and waist length, would never behave long enough to do anything remotely like this!  I once wore just the wig itself without the long curls and tried to do those curls with my hair.  Nope!  It was sad and stringy before I even got to the event.  Having people think the wig was my real hair made me feel like I must be doing something right.  And really, it's about time!  This particular wig has gone through at least 4 transformations/tweaks to get to this point.  Kendra's book should make my next one go a LOT smoother!

Looking at those pics just makes me chuckle.  It's a reminder that no matter how great your costume is, the hair and hat that you wear (or don't wear) with it can make ALL the difference.
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Last Saturday the DFWCG met up at the Grapevine Vintage Railroad station and rode the train to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  We had an excellent turnout in spite of the hot (90ish) day.  Everyone seemed to have a good time in spite of the less-than-ideal weather, and I loved seeing all my friends dressed to the nines!  Very special thanks go out to [ profile] jenthompson for taking pictures and sharing them.  I brought my phone, but as it gets older it takes crappier pics and loads verrrrry sloooooowly.  As a result, all these are taken by Jen!

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Dec. 19th, 2013 08:55 am
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I got my hair trimmed yesterday.  They had to take off about 3 inches of damaged ends due to my being an utter failure at using a curling iron.  *sigh*  Totally not worth the cost for one night of pretty all-real hair.  You know what I noticed the day before the trim?  It had grown to waist length while I wasn't paying attention.  Just the very back (which somehow grows faster than everything else)...but still - WAIST LENGTH!!!  Now I know it's possible, so I'll just have to do it again.  Those curling irons have been demoted to fake-hair-only styling and I'll be experimenting with Lottabody setting lotion and rags/rollers for no-heat curls.
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Yesterday was the guild's 5th annual Georgian Picnic.  I had such a fun time!  The weather was darn near perfect - sunny, dry, and warm.  Well, maybe just a touch too warm, but everyone seemed to take that in stride.  We had a good turnout from our regulars, and some new folks from the Jane Austen society joined us too!  There was a lot of good food, drinks, and conversation.  It was a really great way to spend the afternoon!

I wore my chemise a la reine.  I was pretty short on time so making a new dress was out, and this is only the second time wearing the CalR.  It ended up being a good choice since the day was so warm!  The last time I wore it, my stays kept peeking out around the neckline so I trimmed them down hoping to prevent that this time. was better.  Now they only show through at the sides of the back.  *eyeroll*  I think it's about time to retire these stays anyway, and next time I'll be more mindful of the straps and neckline (not to mention the color!)

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