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Yesterday was the guild's 5th annual Georgian Picnic.  I had such a fun time!  The weather was darn near perfect - sunny, dry, and warm.  Well, maybe just a touch too warm, but everyone seemed to take that in stride.  We had a good turnout from our regulars, and some new folks from the Jane Austen society joined us too!  There was a lot of good food, drinks, and conversation.  It was a really great way to spend the afternoon!

I wore my chemise a la reine.  I was pretty short on time so making a new dress was out, and this is only the second time wearing the CalR.  It ended up being a good choice since the day was so warm!  The last time I wore it, my stays kept peeking out around the neckline so I trimmed them down hoping to prevent that this time. was better.  Now they only show through at the sides of the back.  *eyeroll*  I think it's about time to retire these stays anyway, and next time I'll be more mindful of the straps and neckline (not to mention the color!)

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My latest millinery creation was made with mostly thrifted and repurposed materials.  I did buy the ribbon decorations, but all said and done I think this hat cost me about $25. 

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I'm going to take a second to organize my thoughts here.  I've got a lot to do in the next few days, so keeping it organized will really help my sanity.  LOL

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I just wasted a few hours cutting and sewing a shift that turned out too small for me.  I made a really dumb math error, which led to the shoulders being too narrow.  I caught that in time and pieced in some fabric to fix it, but I didn't account for the fact that the same error would also make it too small in the boobs.  I'm not talking 'Oh, that's a bit too snug.'  This is 'seams straining, smash your boobs flat and still can't pull the shift all the way down' too small. 

Now I have to decide if it's worth it to pick apart my flat-felled seams and piece in some more fabric or if it would be better for my sanity to call it a wash and start over.  All that it lacks at this point is a hem and neckline casing...but picking apart felling?  Yikes.  Not the ideal way to spend the afternoon.  Maybe I'll work on my petticoat for a while and avoid the issue.  LOL

ETA: Thanks for the support ladies!  Just knowing I'm not the only one who's goofed up a 'simple' project like this makes me feel so much better.  I decided to redo the body (this was after I made a mistake cutting off the the problem areas...maybe today just wasn't my day for sewing!)  I was able to salvage the sleeves though, so that saved time.  Now I just need to wiggle into my stays so I can mark the 'real' neckline.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!


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