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I've been quiet on here and facebook for the past couple weeks.  The reason for that is because I was either rush sewing some things to take on vacation, or actually on vacation!  Sadly I don't have any pics ready to share here yet, but I thought I'd just ramble on a bit about it all to decompress.

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So, total hours spent continuously sewing: 26.  I did stop for short breaks to eat, let the dogs out, stretch, etc.  That is definitely my new personal record, though.  My sewing room is in utter chaos, and I haven't set foot in there yet to start the cleanup effort.  I think I'll do that tomorrow since it's supposed to be such mild weather.  I'm still sleepy from the long drive, and all my animals are still clustered all around me like they weren't sure I was coming back home.  I think I was missed!
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I'm a list maker.  I don't always write them down, but they're always kicking around in my head.  Sometimes they get too long or too detailed, and that's when I grab my pen and paper.  It's still my preferred method in spite of living in this technological age.  There's something about physically crossing off the completed items that is just so satisfying!

I'm going to try something different this time and put my list here.  Seems like a lot of us sewing types have been bitten by the organization bug lately, so maybe we can all organize together!  My list is long and've been warned!

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I've definitely got a full plate right now!  Nothing like seeing it all in black and white to make it obvious.  Almost all of it has me inspired, which makes it a whole lot more fun to do!

Edited 8/2 to reflect completed items.


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