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I know a few of you are fellow gardeners, or at least garden enthusiasts, so I thought I'd take a little time to show you around mine (virtually, that is.)  A lot of this is already posted on my facebook, so it may be a little on the boring side for some of you.  Sorry about that!  I'll try to add in extra tidbits and random thoughts to keep it fresh.  :)

Lots of garden pictures... )
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After my back-breaking first day of stump removal, I decided taking it slow was the best course.  I also had a little luck on my side, seeing many of the remaining stumps were significantly smaller (and less rooty) than the first few.  I've still got a few more big ones to get out, but they're lower on the priority list because they're in a shadier area which won't support my tomatoes.

Speaking of those tomatoes, I have 18 plants in the ground now!
Yes, there is a chicken photobombing in the corner.  Also, I need to get the fence put up so that the dogs and chickens can't get in there and wreak havoc.  I burned the crap out of my arms and chest got some sun during the planting, so I've been playing it safe in the house these past few days.  I may work on it tomorrow morning before it gets too sunny.  I've got a few more plants to find room for and a little more tweaking to do to the irrigation setup, and then it'll just be maintaining what I've got.

On the sewing front, I need to get something together for our Fantasy picnic this Saturday.  I had an amazing idea for a fire sprite costume, complete with ombre fire-tone wig, but it got too expensive and complicated for the time I had.  Maybe next year for that one.  So now I'm I go as a lady hobbit, with portions of the outfit possibly doubling as Ren faire garb?  Or do I visit the costume shop up the road from me, get prosthetic elf ears (if they have them) and make an elf dress?  Or, do I go with the crazy plan I thought of earlier today and try to make fairy wings from heavy wire and cellophane, plus a fairy outfit to match?  I've been trying to mentally engineer the wings to attach to a corset (or maybe tuck into it) instead of the typical harness so they're less likely to shift around and get wonky.  Three and a half days isn't much time, but I think I could probably do it...
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I've decided this is the year to expand my vegetable garden.  The spot it's in right now just won't hold all the plants I want to grow.  So over the last couple years, I've been slowly working toward clearing an area at the end of the yard for additional growing space.  Due to some trees in the neighbor's yard, it won't get quite as much sun as my original space but that might come in handy during the worst heat of the growing season.  Anyway, this basically means one entire edge of the backyard will be garden and chicken coop - a suburban homestead!

Yesterday I started raking the last of the trimmed weeds (the kind that have actual bark, and become legit trees if you're not diligent about trimming/eradication) and counted at least 10 stumps that need digging up.  I managed one by myself:
First Stump
It's a long, hot, physically intense process to get even a smallish one like this dug out solo, but I figure manual labor is good cardio and I could sure use some of that.  Plus this success let me know that I'm physically capable of doing the needed work, which I wasn't entirely sure of until it was over.  I'm OK with being slow as long as I get results!

After lunch, I started on the biggest stump.  It turned out to be two tree-weeds intertwined.  Luckily for me, Ben got home from work and was wiling to help me.  Between the two of us we got it dealt with, but in the process I strained something in my back...again.  I have a spot in the middle that's been injured before, and it's the first place to get injured again whenever I lift something wrong.  Totally my fault - I know to avoid certain positions, to lift with my legs, etc.  But sometimes I'm in too much of a hurry and I forget, and I feel that dreaded pop.

So I'm taking it easy now.  It's supposed to rain, so I doubt I would have been digging stumps today anyway.  The two biggest stumps are out and everything else should be somewhat easier.  When my back is less tender I can get back to it slowly and carefully.  This getting older and more easily injured stuff really sucks!


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