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This past weekend, 10 fabulous ladies got together for a day of Regency costuming, sightseeing, delicious food, and general merriment.  I'm sad to say I only captured a very small portion of our excellent day, but I'm happy to share what I have with you all!

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Yesterday was the guild's 5th annual Georgian Picnic.  I had such a fun time!  The weather was darn near perfect - sunny, dry, and warm.  Well, maybe just a touch too warm, but everyone seemed to take that in stride.  We had a good turnout from our regulars, and some new folks from the Jane Austen society joined us too!  There was a lot of good food, drinks, and conversation.  It was a really great way to spend the afternoon!

I wore my chemise a la reine.  I was pretty short on time so making a new dress was out, and this is only the second time wearing the CalR.  It ended up being a good choice since the day was so warm!  The last time I wore it, my stays kept peeking out around the neckline so I trimmed them down hoping to prevent that this time. was better.  Now they only show through at the sides of the back.  *eyeroll*  I think it's about time to retire these stays anyway, and next time I'll be more mindful of the straps and neckline (not to mention the color!)

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Guess what I just won on ebay?  This!  I've been waiting and watching for one for a very long time now, and this one was a steal!  I've also got a bound buttonhole maker that I'm ashamed to admit I haven't even used yet.  I'll just have to find a project for them!

I'm also kind of enthralled by this fabric:
gloria prism
I know it's not exactly historically accurate, but I so love the colors!  I'm put off by the price... $12-14/yard even at a remnant price.  I haven't shopped around much, but I bet that's pretty much what I'll find everywhere since it's a Richloom fabric.  Because of those two things, I managed to convince myself yesterday that I should just move on and forget about it.  Clearly that's not working.  LOL  What do you think about seeing this made up into something 18th century?

Speaking of which, my progress on the Chemise a la Reine has been slow.  That's completely my fault for not getting started on it when should have.  I can say that I've now got a white muslin petticoat that's done except for the hem (I may wait on that until I've decided whether or not to make a smaller bum pad) and I've confirmed from the diagram in The Cut of Women's Clothes that it is, in fact, a very slightly shaped tube of fabric with drawstrings and a sash pulling it in close to the body.  My fabric is not quite wide enough to match the diagram if I only use two widths, but it's not far off either and I may just wing it.  That's on my cutting table today.  :)  While digging through my silk stash in search of something to use for the sash, I came across the most adorable butterfly printed yellow silk.  I'm thinking I may use it to line the underside of a new bergere hat if I have time.  The reds in the print go nicely with the red I picked for my sash, but the whole thing may clash with the red white and blue of Bastille day ribbons and decor.  If there even are any of those, that is.  I'm kinda not caring about that right now because this print is so darn pretty, and as always I need to remind myself that not everything was or needs to be matchy-matchy.


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