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Saturday the DFW Costumer's Guild met up at the Candlelight event at Dallas Heritage Park.  The weather was perfectly chilly, as a Christmastime event should be.  We had a cozy group of five, and it was wonderful to walk the grounds and tour the old buildings in good company.  Unfortunately, I only got a single picture the entire time we were there!

Candlelight 2013 - The Ladies

Smartphones are impossible to operate in leather gloves.  I know they're making smartphone compatible gloves these days, but I really wanted to wear my red gloves!  Fashion before functionality, right?  ;)  I need to look around and see if they sell just the stitched pads that allow you to use your phone so I can add them to all my gloves.  Luckily for me, [ profile] jenthompson saved the day and took some great pics!

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I've had an awful time getting motivated to sew anything lately.  That really sucks, since I was so excited about having a new bustle dress for Candlelight this Saturday.  I've got all my fabric and trims layed out, the patterns and inspiration source material handy, and a felt hat blank and coating wool for some snazzy winter outerwear.  I've even deconstructed a vintage fur shrug for use as a muff.

So what's the hangup?  I have no idea.  But I'm starting to suspect that the stress of trying to bang this thing out in two days would overshadow my enjoyment of the event.

My backup plan is to wear my black half-mourning gown and make a mantle or wrap to go over the top.  I've got some black wool/wool blend (estate sale find) that might work.  I'd certainly be warm!  It's very heavy and blanket-like.  I'm wondering if I could make a small bustle pad and fake that skirt into looking early bustle era?  Might be worth a shot.  I'll need to make a reticule (or check local thrift stores for a framed purse) so I can hide my cash, keys, and phone/camera.  That's still a fair amount to do in the next couple days, but it's far more reasonable than trying to rush my original plan.


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