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In early March, I'll be attending Ballgowns at the Bass.  A group of us will be dressing in our finest Regency attire and enjoying the Fort Worth Symphony perform Beethoven's 5th.  [ profile] m_of_disguise has done a wonderful job of organizing it all, and we'll even get to watch from box seats!  Now all I have to do is come up with attire that's fantastic enough to do the evening justice.

I'm trying to work from my stash as much as possible, so this is what I've got for my outfit so far:
On the left is a semi-sheer off-white cotton with metallic gold stripes.  There's plenty to make a gown or undergown.  It does need to go through the wash came with some grubby areas that reached through multiple layers on the bolt:
Next to it is a peachy-gold silk, but I've only got about 2 yards.  I would consider using a different silk, but I've already got shoes that coordinate perfectly.  Time to make it work.  I'm thinking I'll make something like this.  If I have enough silk I'll try to make tiny sleeves like this or this , but we'll see how that goes.  If all that fails, I can make a much smaller evening bodice like this.

Before I get going on any of it, I need new stays.  The ones I have are so uncomfortable and the busk doesn't want to stay where I've anchored it.  Since I'm still in make-it-as-easy-as-possible mode, I ordered some patterns.  A lof of patterns, actually.  I'll be wearing Regency at least once more this spring, so it made sense to order some day dress and spencer patterns.
I'll try the RH short stays first.  I've seen very mixed reviews about that pattern line, but I figure it's worth a shot.  I liked that there were wrap stays included as well, so that's another option.  If that underperforms, I'll try the LM long stays.  It came with a shift pattern (can you believe I don't have a Regency shift yet?) which is perfect for my current lazy sewing mood.

I'm definitely getting a tiara and some blingy jewelry.  You can't do Regency eveningwear without that, right?  eBay has lots of options that are pretty close to extant parures, and I think I can find additional blingy bits to make them closer.  I need to find some fabric to make gloves.  Maybe a microsuede?  A new reticule would be good too.

I need to decide if I'm going to have Ben come along with me.  He's not particularly interested in seeing the concert nor is he really interested in costuming, but he said he'd come along if I want him to.  After all, he does enjoy spending time with me.  :)  So now it really comes down to money...there's the ticket price, new patterns, footwear, and fabric.  It's not a small sum!  Back to the stash it is.

I've got these three potential fabrics with enough yardage for the tailcoat and four silk options for the waistcoat:
Right now I'm leaning toward the dark green for the coat and the gold/purple striped silk for the waistcoat.

I've also got some options for breeches:
The top one (a linen/cotton blend allegedly, but may have some snythetic) has a very slight sheen and is a denim weight twill.  Below that is a raw silk that's much thinner.  The bottom two are wool blend suitings.  I'm thinking one of the top two would be better color-wise for evening, but I need to see more fashion plates to know for sure.

For patterns, I was thinking I'd use the new Laughing Moon set: coat/waistcoat and breeches.  Anybody have experience with those?

So that leaves footwear.  I've been watching eBay for good deals on equestrian boots, but so far nothing.  I may look at altering a pair of costume boots he already has.  Close enough will have to be good enough.  I know boots aren't the 'correct' choice for an evening event, but I'm not sure I could convince him to wear anything that looks too feminine.  Men's Regency slippers definitely have that look.
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