Mar. 27th, 2015

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Total cost for this hack if you buy all-new materials: $50 or so.  Total cost for my hack, since everything came from the stash: $0
New Boot Pair.jpg

When I decided to outfit my hubby for the Regency Era, I was prepared for footwear to be the most challenging part.  Buying actual equestrian boots is terribly expensive (my eBay watch list, which I set up months in advance, yielded absolutely nothing under $200.)  Costume boots don't come in the right shape or dual colors.  Evening slippers probably weren't on the table to begin with, being as they don't seem at all 'manly.'  After much fruitless searching, I gave up on finding something ready-made in my budget.

Instead, I decided to modify some costume boots he already had.  We bought them 8 or 10 years ago for a swordsman outfit he wore to a convention.  They'd seen only occasional use since, and really no use at all since we moved to Texas 6 years ago.  So I wasn't too concerned with ruining them.  After all, they were in pretty poor shape after rough storage and weren't exactly high-quality to begin with.  Just for reference, these are the Ellie 121 Bernhard boots.  They're still sold on eBay and Amazon.

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