Jan. 7th, 2015

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I'm hard at work on a bustle outfit for my friend Chris for this weekend's guild outing.  I started completely from scratch since this is a new era for her, so what I have done is a few of the undergarments.  These were very hurriedly taken pics (and therefore not the best lighting) but you'll get the idea.  :)

Shift from Laughing Moon 100, made from buttery soft cotton voile I got from [livejournal.com profile] jaelie:

Bustle Petticoat with Wire Frame (TV101) from cotton muslin:
(We're pretending this one is done even though the hem needs another pressing and I still have to sew on the waist closure.)

I've also got an overskirt complete, but I want to keep the outfit a surprise for Saturday.

Today I'm wrestling with sleevils.  Chris is very petite, so I'm now on my third redraft of the sleeve pattern for the bodice.  Hopefully third time's a charm!  I also found out that the fabric I want to use for the bodice and underskirt was terribly off-grain, so I'm giving it a good wash and dry in the hopes that with the sizing removed it'll be useable.  I seriously wonder what's going on at the fabric mills when they're finishing off the fabric and getting ready to fold it onto bolts.  This is the worst off-grain mess I've seen in a long time.  Cross your fingers for me, because I don't have a backup plan! 


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